Pet Cremation Services

No matter when 'you' 've left us, our love toward "you" will stay with you for a lifetime.

24 Hours Body Pick Up Services

Rainbow Bridge provides a 24-hour body pick up service. When we receive your call, our driver will arrive at the veterinary clinic or your home to pick up your pet’s body within two hours. After he collected the pet’s body, he will put it into cold storage as soon as possible to preserve the body. It will be kept at a low temperature of -15 degrees for ten days at no additional cost. During this period, you can make an appointment with us to arrange the cremation and decide the details of the ceremony.

Individual Cremation

We provide individual cremation services to ensure your pet go through its last stage to Rainbow Bridge with dignity. The cost of individual cremation service includes picking up pet remains at your home or veterinary clinic,  cold storage and basic cleaning and grooming of the body, arranging appointment by the owner for viewing the cremation, manual bone collection, cremains grinding and providing basic urn. If you choose not to attend the cremation, we will send you photos of the cremation process and return the ashes to the designated location after the cremation is completed. We promise not to dispose of your pet body,  even you choose not attend the cremation. If you would like to arrange same day cremation,  we will try our best to arrange relevant arrangements according to the actual appointment status of the day,  but an additional administrative fee will be charged.

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Before we meet at Rainbow Bridge, I will be missing you every single day
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You will be living in my heart forever.

Attending Your Pet's Cremation

When your pet’s body arrived at our company, our staff will contact you and make an appointment for you regarding the cremation ceremony. There are three session available each day for attending cremation, which are 10:00, 12:00, 15:30 and 18:00 every day. You can talk to our staff  any time and we will explain the details of the ceremony, and we will try our best to meet your requirements, in order to arrange the best farewell ceremony for you and your pet. On the day of attending the ceremony, we will provide pick-up service from Kam Sheung Road West Rail Station. You can also drive to our crematorium by yourself.  Upon arrival, we will provide a private memorial room for you and your pet. You will have ample time to say goodbye to your pet. Before attending the ceremony, please prepare one or two photos of your pet in advance, so that our staff can design a cover photos for your pet’s urn on site. Moreover, quilts and plastic items cannot be cremated due to the toxic chemical released, but you can bring flowers, snacks and your pet clothes to accompany your pets during the cremation process. We also offer production of  a commemorative video for pets which can be played on the day of the ceremony.

Scattering of Cremains

The Rainbow Bridge has a “Rainbow Memorial Garden” for scattering cremains  so that your beloved pets can rest in the embrace of nature. The owner can personally scatter the cremains in the memorial garden sending the pet his or her last love.

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Pets will never be forgotten until they are no longer remembered.
Pets are not our life, but they make us worth this life.

Mourning Hall and Online Memorial Platform

We have a total of more than 300 Chinese and Western-style mourning compartment for storing your pet cremains. The annual rental price ranges from HKD$1600 to HKD$3200. There are different sizes to choose from. You can come and choose suitable compartments and additional decoration. We will clean and clean the compartment and will play the scriptures in the Chinese-style mourning hall regularly.

Pet Memorial Video

On the day of the cremation, we will provide a memorial room for you to say goodbye to your pet. A pet memorial video can be played in the memorial room to commemorate your furry friends and let you remember the special days you’ve spent with it.

Each animal is unique and worth being loved. Support adoption instead of buying.
We care for and take care of them up to this moment, how can this love just end here ?

Commemorative Products

We believe that every pet is unique and they share precious memories with us. Our commemorative accessories, urns, commemorative ornaments and furnishings allow you to preserve each other’s precious memories.

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Frequently Ask Questions

We will accept small pets weighing less than 70 pounds regardless the types of pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters.

Our services fee varies based on the weight of your pet. The fee includes transportation for the remains, basic cleaning and disinfection of the remains, ceremonies, cremation and ceramic urns.

After receiving the pet, we will perform basic cleaning and disinfection for it, and keep it in our cold storage.

Except for some religious reasons, we can just wear ordinary clothes, but try to avoid wearing flashy clothes.

Yes, as long as there is a vacant slot on that day, we can hold a cremation ceremony on the same day.

After receiving the pet, we will perform basic cleaning and disinfection for it, and keep it in our cold storage.

We can receive your pet’s remains at home or at all veterinary clinics in Hong Kong.

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