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Let us say goodbye and accompany you across the Rainbow Bridge...

Arrangement and selection of cremation services

As a pet owner, the death of a beloved pet is already a great pain, so it is very important to choose a reputable pet hospice service provider. There are many pet hospice service providers on the market, how should we choose a suitable pet hospice service provider so that pets can walk over the Rainbow Bridge with no worries?

When your beloved pet passes away, you do not need to rush to find a hospice company to take away the pet’s body. Please bid farewell to them, tell them what you want to say, and cherish your last time with them. You can also discuss with your family how to deal with the pet’s funeral, such as ashes placement and so on. When you are ready, please call the hospice company to arrange the pet’s funeral.

Please put the pet on a towel and adjust the air-conditioning to 20 degrees to keep the body intact, and call our hotline 34873377.

Information on receiving the pet's remains

We understand that the pet’s departure may be very sudden and will make you at a loss. We hope that we can answer common questions for our guests and eliminate your worries or doubts, so that you can feel at ease.

We will provide a reference for service charges based on the weight of the pet. The fee includes transportation for the remains, basic cleaning and disinfection of the remains, ceremonies, cremation and ceramic urn.

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day for picking up and receiving pet remains. There is no additional charge for receiving pet remains from 8 am to 9 pm. If you would like a pick up service from 9 pm to 8 am, there will be a night surcharge for the service.

We will accept cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters or other types of exotic animals.

After receiving the remains, we will perform basic cleaning and disinfection for the body, and keep it in our cold storage.

When receiving the remains, you can prepare cash and give it to our driver. We also provide FPS, PAYME and credit card payments.

Yes, if the host needs to prioritize or arrange to attend the cremation on the same day, an additional administrative fee will be charged, and our company will decide whether the arrangements can be made based on the actual reservation of that day.

Yes, we can receive your pet’s remains at home or all veterinary clinics in Hong Kong.

We provide free cold storage for the remains for ten days. The owner is responsible for handling the pet’s funeral. If the owner keeps the pet in our company for more than 30 days, our company has the right to dispose the pet’s remains or ashes.

Owners can pay a deposit of HK$500 first, and the balance can be paid on the day of cremation. We accept cash, EPS, Payme, FPS and credit card payments.

If you need to change the time, you must call 3 days in advance. The company will decide whether the arrangements can be made based on the actual reservation.

We will send a driver to receive the remains of the pet at your home or veterinary clinic. The driver will usually arrive at the designated place within 2 hours of receiving the notice. The driver will inform you before departure.

There will be an extra charge if you would like to accompany your pet for the pick up service using our car, cremation on the same day, scattering of ashes at our memorial garden, and purchasing souvenirs.

We care for and take care of them up to this moment, how can this love just end here ?
Let us say goodbye and accompany you across the Rainbow Bridge...

Arrangements on the day of cremation

Rainbow Bridge pet hospice services are open and transparent, pet owners can participate in the entire cremation process.

The owner must call us 3 days in advance to make an appointment for the cremation date and time. The cremation time available would be 10:00, 12:00, 15:30 and 18:00 every day. If you need to change the date or time, you must call 3 days in advance.

We provide plenty of time for you to bid farewell to your pet, you can arrive on time on the day of the cremation.

Except for individual religious reasons, daily attire would be just fine.

On the day of cremation, we will arrange for the driver to pick up and drop off at Kam Sheung Road West Rail Station. You can also come to our company to attend the cremation by yourself, or drive to our company yourself. Please see the following video for the route.

No problem! Our “Rainbow Memorial Room” can accommodate 8-12 people, and you can attend your pet’s farewell ceremony with your relatives and friends.

Yes, you can also bring paper products and flowers for your pet’s cremation. Other items are not recommended to be cremated with pets due to environmental issues.

If you want to extend the time of mourning, please discuss with our staff as soon as possible. Our company will decide whether to make relevant arrangements according to the actual appointment situation.

Yes, our “Rainbow Memorial Room” has glass windows for watching the cremation process. The memorial room will be reserved for guests attending the cremation until the cremation is completed.

Yes, we will take photos of the pet’s remains after cleaning and disinfection, and photos of the cremation process will be sent to you. You can arrange to pick up your pet’s ashes, or we can help send the ashes back to your home or to veterinary clinic.

The ashes can be picked up within a week, please make an appointment first.

Yes, you can also browse our various pet souvenirs in our online shop in advance.

Handling ashes and souvenirs

Since the ashes after cremation are processed at high temperature, they will not cause public health problems. The ashes after cremation can be taken home by the owner, rent and deposit in niche, or scattered in the Rainbow Memorial Garden.

Our service fee includes providing a ceramic urn, and you can also purchase different styles of urns and souvenirs. On the day of cremation, you can retrieve your pet’s ashes and take it back home.

You can choose to put your pet’s ashes in our mourning hall, or you can personally scatter the ashes in our “Rainbow Memorial Garden”, or let us arrange to dispose of the ashes (collective ashes).

There are different prices for different sizes of pet cremation niche. Please check with our staff.

We will store pet hair, bone fragments or ashes of pets according to your requirements for making memorial ornaments.

Different memorial ornaments have different production times. For enquiry, please check with our staff.

We care for and take care of them up to this moment, how can this love just end here ?
Let us say goodbye and accompany you across the Rainbow Bridge...

Grief counseling for pets passing away

Many people who have pets have established a deep relationship with their pets. The pets they love have even become an important part of their lives. However, pets will leave one day. as the owner, facing the death of a pet may feel sad, lost, anxious, and even deny the incident. Failure to properly handle stress and negative emotions will lead to long-term emotional distress and affect personal mental health.

Facing the death of a pet, we may undergo self-blame, sadness, and frustration. These are normal emotions. You don’t need to be overly depressed or evasive. You can use your own acceptable speed to recall the time you spent with your pet step by step and encourage yourself. Facing sadness, accept the fact that the pet has passed away. You can try to organize their toys and supplies, write a letter to them, or go back to the park where you usually walk together.

Everyone bears different degrees of grief. You don’t need to over-force yourself, seek support from friends and family members in time to help yourself face grief. You can try to find friends and relatives who have also lost their pets to chat with each other, or through animals to feel the love of pets  again.

“Rainbow Bridge” by Director Bao.

Separation of life and death is a lesson that everyone has to go through in their lives. Through graphics and paintings, it aims to heal the pain of the owner’s heart after the death of a pet. Picture book-style sentences, in both Chinese and English,  to guide readers through their grief and sorrow. The book can help open up children’s cherishment and love for life, and recognize the correct attitude towards pets.

The owner can express and deal with the sadness first, and it is not suitable to raise new animals immediately with a substitute mentality, and support adoption versus buying. In addition, the owner can also review the personal lifestyle or interpersonal support network, if necessary, expand and strengthen personal social network, and gradually establish a balanced and healthy interpersonal lifestyle. Finally, the owner can re-establish long-held interests, reorganize life goals and continue great love, such as: continuing to care for animals by participating in voluntary work, caring for animal rights, providing animal care and caring for abandoned animals, etc. As a support for fellow owners who are dealing with the same pain, use your own experience to encourage other owners to get out of grief.

Arrangements and preparations for death of older pets

When there is life, there is death. From the moment we are born, we move towards death step by step. The joy of life is easy to understand, yet the unknown of death is difficult to withstand, we should be prepared for every moment. What should pet owners do if the animals are gone someday.

Even if we are mentally prepared that pets will leave us eventually, it is difficult to avoid the impact they will bring when they leave. Therefore, we must cherish the time spent with pets, create unlimited memories in a limited time, and always pay attention to their health, spend more time and effort to accompany them, if necessary, you can refer to the ways to deal with pets’ aging.

Birth, growth,  sickness and death are necessary stages for every pet. As an owner, it is sad to watch your beloved pets get old, but you also need to cheer up and prepare them for full ageing. Pets have different needs at different ages. Owners should pay close attention to the needs of pets and welcome them to old age. Please read this article How to deal with pet aging.

We care for and take care of them up to this moment, how can this love just end here ?
cat, face, eyes
Let us say goodbye and accompany you across the Rainbow Bridge...

Other frequently asked questions

Still have other questions? Feel free to WHATSAPP us anytime or call us to learn more.

Owners who do not plan to use the pet hospice service can wrap the pet’s remains in a plastic bag and take it to the garbage collection point under the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. After the pet’s remains are properly packed, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department will assist in transporting it to the landfill for safe disposal.

Burial of the remains is illegal in Hong Kong. According to the “Public Cleansing and Prevention of Nuisances Regulation” Chapter 132 of the law, pet owners who bury their pet‘s remains indiscriminately on the mountainside or outlying islands may violate the law. Offenders may be fined up to HK$25,000 and imprisoned for six months.

Green burial is a burial method that allows life to return to nature. It can be divided into “scattering ashes at sea” and “scattering ashes in a garden of remembrance.” “Scattering ashes at sea” refers to the scattering of ashes in the waters of Hong Kong, so that life can return to the sea. “Scattering ashes in the Garden of Remembrance” means that the ashes are scattered into the soil after the remains are cremated. The ashes will provide nutrients for flowers and lawns to grow. Rainbow Bridge Pet Hospice Company provides ashes service in the memorial garden. The owner can scatter the ashes of pets in our memorial garden. If you do not want to place your pet in a cremation niche, you might consider turning the ashes into the nutrient of life, so that the pet can turn into spring mud to protect everything and continue to bloom with a splendid life.

Although re-establishing a relationship with a new pet is a way out of grief, please remember that each pet is unique. The new pet will have different personalities and habits. It will not be exactly the same as the pet you lost. The pet passed away will still exist in your heart, and the new pet will give you a different experience and support you to start a new life.

The pet cremation service can be divided into “independent cremation” and “collective cremation”.

In “independent cremation”, pets can be independently sent into the cremation furnace for cremation, and they will receive the greatest dignity and respect during the cremation process. The owner can watch the pet cremation process through the large glass window in the memorial room. The cremation time depends on the size of the pet, and it will usually be completed within two hours. You can retrieve your pet’s ashes on the same day.

In “collective cremation”, several pets will be sent to the cremator for cremation at a relatively low price. However, since the bones of several pets will be mixed together during the cremation process, ashes will not be processed independently. After the “collective cremation”, the ashes will be scattered in our memorial garden to let the pets return to nature.

Whether “independent cremation” or “collective cremation”, they are both good ways for completing the funeral of the pet. When considering, the most suitable cremation service can be selected according to economic, religious beliefs, ashes disposal and other conditions.

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